What is The Cloud

Where is the cloud and what does it look like?

These days Cloud storage is used extensively for backup, data transfer, synchronizing documents, address books, calendar etc. There are many popular cloud services available for end-users to pick from including Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Facebook and many others. These digital cloud services enable users to store their precious digital data securely in the cloud but what exactly is, and where is the cloud?

The name The Cloud, conjures up in the mind a huge mass of fluffy clouds in the sky filled up with peoples valuable photos and data.

If there is so much data stored up in the cloud, why don’t the clouds become overloaded some of the data fall back down to earth?

In reality, cloud service providers have huge rooms packed with rows upon rows of cabinets filled with flashing server racks and miles and miles of cables joining them all together and to the internet. These server rooms are known as “farms”.

These farms are scattered all over the world and securely store billions of photos, documents and other valuable data.

In 2020, the estimated value of the The Cloud stood at $236 billion, but is increasing significantly year on year.

Popular Cloud based service providers.

Amazon Drive – Unlimited Photo storage for Prime Members

Apple iCloud – Cloud service for iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

Dropbox – Cloud based storage for virtually all platforms

Google Drive – Google cloud storage with 15GB free

iDrive – Award winning storage since 1995 (5GB Free)

Microsoft OneDrive – File hosting and synchronization service from Microsoft