Computer Repair & Troubleshooting

Apple Mac and Windows PC’s computer repair and troubleshooting.

Whatever problem you might be having with your computer we can fix it for you, whether it be a hardware or software issue. Computer problems, errors and intermittent problems can be extremely annoying but we can troubleshoot any issue you might be experiencing and fix it for you.

Hardware computer repair

Hardware Problems

Hardware components and peripherals can fail at some point. We can fix many hardware problems such as faulty hard drives, broken screens, power supplies etc.

Computer not powering on

Computer not working?

Computer seem dead or not booting correctly? We can diagnose the problem and get you back up and running again.

Pop ups and error messages

Pop-ups and errors

Pop ups and error message can be extremely annoying and can be a sign of a system and hardware problem or even a virus or malware infection.

Slow computer

Computer running slow

Over time, computer can get slower and slower due to many various reasons such as, components starting to fail, overheating, operating system problems, software problems or many other reason. We can get your computer back up to speed.

Internet problems

Internet Problems

We are all so dependent on the internet nowadays, so it is so annoying and inconvenient what it doesn’t work. We can diagnose where the problem lies and get you back up and running.

Software error message

Program problems

Software programs are great when working correctly but can be a real pain and frustrating when they aren’t doing what you want. We can help fix it what ever problem you have for you.

Dusty and blocked heatsink and fans can cause serious overheating problems


Computers can act as a vacuum sucking in plenty of dust over time causing the cooling components to become blocked and can cause the electronics to overheat and can damage them permanently. We can thoroughly clean your system to ensure it runs as intended.

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