Wightbyte Computers

Mobile PC and Apple repairs, upgrades, virus removal and troubleshooting

Download Links

Security Software

Avast Free Anti-Virus
AVG Anti-Virus (Free Edition)
AVG Anti-Virus (Paid Versions)
Malware Bytes Anti-Malware

Online Services

Dropbox (Free Online Storage)

Web Browsers
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash
Office Software
Open Office (Free complete office package)
Cobian Backup
Mac Software
VMware (Run Windows on Mac)
Windows 8 Classic Shell (Start Button)

All programs are used at your own risk, no responsibility can be accepted for data lost or damage to your PC by Wightbyte Computers.
Wightbyte Computers cannot offer support for any of the above programs.
Please visit the suppliers web site for any support that you may require.
Please make sure that you run a virus scanner on all files downloaded from the Internet.

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