Smart Home

Smart Lighting, Smart sockets and switches, Smart Heating

You may have a lot of talk about smart home devices and what they can do, or may have already dipped your toes in to test the water. Whatever stage you are at with smart home devices, we can help.

Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa)

Smart Speakers (Google & Alexa)

Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa). This is more than often than not many peoples first step into the Smart Home market. Both smart speakers more or less perform the same functions with only some minor differences, one is better than the other at some things and vice versa. Basically, a smart speaker allows you to use your voice to ask questions, play music or operated smart devices such as lights. “Alexa, turn the Dining Room lights blue”.

Smart bulbs

Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are available in virtually every fitting you can imagine Bayonet, Edison screw, GU10 etc. Likewise, the prices of smart bulbs vary considerably, from top of the range manufacturers like Philips Hue down to cheap non-brand models from China. The main difference between the different bulbs is brightness, colour accuracy and what devices they are compatible with such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit (Siri).

motion sensor

Smart Motion Sensors

Fitting smart motion sensors also you to automate things like, turn the lights at certain times of the day, or a different colour at night for example. You could even set it to turn the lights on when you walk in the front and play a fanfare if you so wished.

Smart switch and socket

Smart Switches and Sockets

With a smart switch, you can control your smart lights with a touch of a button or set it to a specific colour scene. Smart sockets allow you to turn appliances that you have plugged into a mains socket on or off using your voice via a smart speaker or using an app on your phone.

Depending on the model you can also set smart sockets and switches devices to act as a timer or to turn on or off at a set time and on certain days of the week. Some smart socket can even measure the amount of electricity that is being used.

Smart heating

Smart Heating

Smart heating allows you to have complete control of your heating no matter where you are, very handy if you are on the ferry on your way back home after being away on a cold winters day. Simply open the app up on your phone and switch the heating on. When you get home your house will be nice a cosy.

Can’t be bothered with getting up from the sofa to turn on the heating? No problem, “Alexa, turn the heating up”.

Video doorbell

Video Doorbells

There are a huge range of video doorbells on the market, but basically, they all allow you to see who is at your front door no matter where in the world you are. You can also set your smart speaker to announce that someone is at the door and also see them if it has a screen. Video doorbells can also record footage of who approaches your door by detecting movement. This can then be viewed at a later date, although there is a monthly cost involved with some manufacturers.

Smart Alarm

A smart alarm system uses your existing home wireless to connect various different components, without the need to run wires. Just like a standard alarm, they emit a loud noise that will trigger when one of the sensors are activated.

Two common sensors are open/close on doors/windows and PIR motion sensors and for monitoring movement.

Some smart alarms can also include security cameras which not only allow you to see what’s happening in your home if the alarm goes off but also act as motion sensors.

If you would like more information on any of these smart devices or help with an existing smart device please get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to help.