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Wightbyte Remote Support Terms and Conditions

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  1. A verbal agreement by the customer to allow Wightbyte Computers Technician to control the computer and fix any issues, by the very nature that there is a problem, vindicates Wightbyte from any blame should the issue worsen.
  2. Should the problem worsen and the remote support instance fail or disconnect, WightByte will arrange to call to resolve the issue on site within an agreed time frame.
  3. Initial payment for the remote support is non refundable and additional charges will be agreed before any payment is taken.
  4. Wightbyte reserve the right to add or remove software during the remote support instance that, in the technicians’ opinion, maybe causing problems or is unwanted.
  5. Free software packages are generally utilised to fix common problems however, business customers will be advised that they have to purchase commercial versions, which will be supplied through Wightbyte.
  6. Wightbyte cannot be held liable for lost data or any damage resulting from a support session. Although our support technicians take precautions, there is always a risk, however small, of accidental data loss.
  7. The remote support instance is not a warranty. If we conclude that your computer cannot be fixed remotely, we will suggest the next steps you might take to repair your computer, which might include a house call from us. You are responsible for the costs of any service not covered by Wightbyte Computers online support.
  8. Wightbyte Remote Support only cover computer problems that can be fixed remotely. Some computer problems cannot be fixed online or by telephone. Remote support does not cover the cost of replacement parts, software, labour, or services from third-party service providers.

None of the above affect your statutory rights.

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