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GameOver Zeus Virus

The Isle of Wight Council trading standards have put out a warning about this computer virus threat.

The so called “GameOver Zeus” virus, which has infected many 1000’s of computers globally, is usually spread by cyber criminals, the virus can be be spread in many ways including the criminal creating a website that when visited installs the virus on any unprotected computer.

This virus can also be distributed by e-mails, designed to look as though they have come from a legitimate source.

Trading standards are advising people to take care if they receive an unsolicited phone call about any claims that they may have problems or viruses on their computers.

In a typical scenario, the person on the end of the phone will call and ask for the householder, quite often quoting their name, just to make the call seem genuine. They then claim they work for a computer company, most commonly Microsoft, as they know that Windows is the most widely used operating system worldwide.

The scammer will tell their intended victim that they have received a report from their internet service provider of serious problem on the computer.

They may well then try to gain access to the persons computer and steal personal information from the victim’s computer or control it remotely. This can lead to the criminals gaining access to your bank details or preventing access to your personal files such as documents, photos etc and holding it to ransom.

If you receive any calls from someone claiming that you have problems with your computer (no matter where they say they are from) DO NOT let them gain access to your PC, and hang up the phone immediately and contact trading standards on 01983 821000 and tell them about the incident.

If you receive an email with a similar message about problems with your computer, delete the email straight away.

Ensure you have up to date Anti-Virus software installed on your computer, your firewall is active and install any security updates for your operating system.

If you believe you have already been infected, please give us a call on 01983 299999.

You can read more about this threat on the Daily Mail website here.

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